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Please note - all customers must complete a waiver before taking part in any activities at Funky Warehouse. We have paper forms on site, however we strongly recommend for all waivers to be completed online to prevent any delays when you arrive. No waiver - no jump!

Only Funky Warehouse Non-Slip Socks can be worn on our trampolines. Socks from other trampoline parks will not be accepted. Funky Warehouse Non-Slip socks can be purchased while booking online or from Reception.

trampoline park

Access to trampolines, parkour and ninja warrior area. Ages 5 and over. Under 5s during off peak hours only*

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soft play

Access to soft play area under 5s only. Overs 5s access during off peak hours, height restriction of 3ft 11 inches.

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toddler sessions

Special access for toddlers to play on the trampoline area. Most weekday morning between 10am - 12pm.

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funday monday

Monday evenings reduced price session from 4-7pm comes complete with a free Polar Krush.

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two for tuesday

For those with stamina Tuesdays reduced price session for groups of two. lasts for a full two hours from 4pm.

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funky thursday

If your visiting with a friend take advantage of our reduced price and free 9" pizza to share. Thursday evenings 4-6pm.

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adult and teen evening

Adult and teen only on the trampolines - the lights go down and the music goes up! Saturday evenings 2 hour sessions.

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disability sessions

Children with disabilities can enjoy Funky Warehouse with friends or siblings during a smaller capacity session. Parents and/or carers can bounce for free.

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Fun and challenging exercise classes held on the trampolines and suitable for all levels of fitness.

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funky monkeys party

Funky Monkeys gives full access to all the activities within the Funky Warehouse trampoline park. Ages 5+

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mini monkeys party

Mini Monkeys get full access to our specially designed Soft Play area and if booked during off peak hours 20 minutes of supervised play on the trampolines. Ages 2-4

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*Under 5s may be denied access to the trampolines during off peak hours if the park is too busy for health and safety reasons. Soft play access is allowed to under 5s at all times.