Funky Warehouse – Main Park

Our indoor trampoline park consists of 28 large trampolines and various activities suitable for all ages over 5 (available to under 5s during off peak hours and toddler sessions). See details and photos below.

main park trampolines


28 trampolines including 4 larger trampolines and 2 angled trampolines.

main park ninja warrior

Ninja Warrior

Ropes, hoops, cargo nets and monkey bars all over a foam pit!

main park monkey bars

Monkey Bar

Suspended on chains over a foam pit, these wobbly monkey bars are a fun challenge!

main park parkour


Parkour jump boxes suitable for over 7 years of age only.

main park battle beam

Battle Beam

Our battle beam is over a foam pit to re-create the gladiator style activity!

Foam Pit

Enjoy the freedom of jumping and landing into a soft cushion of foam cubes!